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One day while walking home from school with your friends, you all see a bright object falling from the sky.

You investigate the crash, only to find a small object inside the crater, a silvery egg.  One of you picks up the egg, which unfolds into the shape of a robotic owl, who calls herself “Artemis” as she warns you all to run as three more lights begin falling from the sky.

After escaping, Artemis explains that she’s from a race of mechanical creatures that were taken over by a nefarious faction known as the “Covalent Confederacy” led by her brother Zeus.  She was forced to flee, while taking five magical gems with her in order to protect the universe from her brother’s ambitions.

The theft of the gems caused her brother to send mercenaries to find and capture her and the gems, which means that more of her kind will arrive and wreak havoc against earth unless someone is able to help her defend it.

You all agree (albeit reluctantly) for your own individual reasons and Artemis grants each of you a gem to use.  When you touch the stone, you’re granted the ability to utilize its power and a suit in order to contain and focus its power.

Now you are all members of the Ionic Defenders.


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